Back in the early days, once we’d whittled our keyboards from a block of granite, we’d debate tabs vs spaces. Then we moved onto fixed display widths. Many a good friendship was lost to these worthy causes.

Then one day, something happened to restore peace. Swanky editors with soft-wrap, style guides, and EditorConfig united developers around one principle: consistency. Consistency was hard to argue against, and as tooling made it easier to promote/enforce we started to realise that the actual choice didn’t matter that much really.

So our armies retreated to our caves, ushering in an age of peace and productivity. But with that peace came complacency, and murmurings started again, this time around code collaboration. The Git Flow Wars of the 2010s saw the resurgence of trunk-based development and a return of the endless debate, this time around whether git rebase was a silver bullet or a corrupting force of evil. …


Ryan Brooks

Full-stack developer, freelance CTO & mentor. Previously organiser of JSOxford & OxRUG.

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